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The Light Rail Plays: December 2017

The Light Rail Plays are expanding! Don’t miss unique public art performances in Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa this December, 8, 9 & 10!

Join Rising Youth Theatre on Light Rail station platforms in Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa this December! The #LightRailPlays are back with unique public art performances that are fun for the whole family. Teams of youth and adult artists work together to explore the public transit experience with original plays from a youth perspective. The company is proud to be working with the Mesa Arts Center as a presenting partner, and with additional support from the City of Tempe and the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture to expand this year’s plays to reach audiences in three cities. Performers will travel between platforms to maximize the number of people who can experience performances! Tickets are free, but reservations are encouraged. Simply reserve your ticket for one of the following performance times and locations:


PHOENIX  – Central Avenue and Roosevelt

(Friday at 6pm & 7pm, Saturday at 7pm, Sunday at 5:45pm)

TEMPE – Fifth Street (Veteran’s Way) and College

(Saturday at 5pm, Sunday at 2:30pm & 3:45pm)

 MESA – Main Street and Center

(Saturday at 3pm & 5pm, Sunday at 12:3pm)


Full schedule of performances listed below:


6:00pm – Phoenix, Central & Roosevelt

7:30pm – Phoenix, Central & Roosevelt


1:45pm – Mesa, Main Street & Center

3:00pm – Mesa, Main Street & Center

5:00pm – Tempe, Fifth Street Veteran’s Way and College

7:00pm – Phoenix, Central & Roosevelt


12:30pm – Mesa, Main Street & Center

2:30pm – Tempe, Fifth Street Veteran’s Way and College

3:45pm – Tempe, Fifth Street Veteran’s Way and College

5:45pm – Phoenix, Central & Roosevelt




Trouble Series: The Play

Over the course of a year, an artistic ensemble of youth and adults will investigate and challenge the reasons why young people are pushed out of education as it impacts Arizona youth by creating learning opportunities and artistic exploration across a wide variety of community spaces. The project is conducted in partnership with the ACLU’s Demand 2 Learn Campaign, engaging youth as both organizers and artists who can advocate for themselves and their peers in public spaces. “The Trouble Series project will be created with the core belief that all students in Maricopa County have the right to learn in safe and supportive environments,” says Walker. “However, we know that many young people are denied this opportunity because of exclusionary policies and practices that systematically and disproportionately impact students of color and low-income students. We will use this unique theatre experience to not only research and learn, but to facilitate an important conversation in our communities.”

Rising Youth Theatre remains committed to creating plays that are accessible to the entire Valley community.  All performances in the 2017-18 season will be presented to audiences on a donation basis, free to the public. There is never any cost for a young person to participate in a Rising Youth Theatre Program. For young people and adult professional artists who are interested in getting involved this year, contact Rising Youth Theatre through the website, or

For more information on the Demand2Learn campaign visit,

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