Emmi’s take on the Blu Baptism

Emmi on the way to Phoenix Comicon

Emmi on the way to Phoenix Comicon

Emmi Torres plays multiple characters in Fandom, including Sarah, Citizen 8, and Gravity Gossip. She’s also a huge fan, from everything from video games to the TV series Bones. Rather than creating fan fiction, she has created for us, the Blu Baptism – finally giving us insight into the moment we have all heard about. 


The Blu Baptism

Maci took a deep breath. Standing up in the nearly black room, she crossed over to her makeshift mirror. She never cared too deeply about her appearance, but today was a special day. Maci couldn’t afford to let herself look bad on such an honorable occasion.

She shook her head at her reflection. It was nearly dawn but she still hadn’t slept. Last night’s patrol lasted longer than usual and they were short-staffed. The citizens could only imagine a mere fraction of her duties. Nonetheless, they were appreciative, and that’s all that mattered to her.

Maci rubber her eyes hoping to rub out the dark circles underneath but it was useless. All the stresses of the past few weeks were catching up to her. This was a light though. The light at the end of the tunnel.

Blu’s baptism.

A month ago, Maci and Jackson were scouting the outskirts of the city, hoping to expand, when they heard a scream. They abandoned all caution and ran towards the sound. Jackson was tackled by cybots and from the ground he shut down two. Looking around, Maci spotted six more.

“Go.” Jackson said simply.

Maci slammed into the door of the building that still echoed the scream. Taking an immediate right, she let her instincts guide her. That’s when she spotted a zombie wrestling with a man she didn’t recognize. They were too close together for a clear shot. She frantically searched for a viable melee object and discovered a two by four. In one fluid motion, she picked it up, whirled around, and smashed the piece of wood onto the zombie’s head. A loud crack was heard and it slumped to the ground. It may not be dead, but at least it was paralyzed.

Breathing heavily, Maci turned to look at the man. He was against the wall with a long cut running down his arm.

“Ah hell…” Maci pulled out her gun and aimed it at his face. “I’m sorry.” she breathed.

“Stop!” Maci snapped her head to the left and noticed the source of the scream for the first time. It was a pregnant woman with tears streaming down her face. “It was the cybots who scratched him, I swear!”

Maci thought for a moment, her mouth a straight line, before slowly lowering her gun. “Fine.” She said. “But if you’re lying, neither of you can stay.”

“Stay?” said the man, his first time speaking.

Maci put on her best City Manager smile. “There’s a city not far off. And you’re both welcomed to stay.”

The couple beamed at each other. They were clearly in love. Maci moved to help the woman stand up but the man stopped her and did the job himself. The moment was peaceful, but it was only a moment.

“Maci…” Jackson was quickly yet cautiously making his way towards the three. “We need to go. Eight more showed up. I may be daring, but I at least wanted to meet the people I risked my neck for.”

Maci nodded and led the way out.
That woman gave birth to Blu, who is being baptized today. And Maci is the godmother, all because of that day. She bit her lip. Jackson wasn’t the godfather. In fact, no one was. He was being announced today.

She stepped away from the mirror and towards the door. If you asked her, she was ready. If she asked herself, she wasn’t sure. She placed her hand on the doorknob. “Holopis Judo I’berata,” she whispered to herself. And the she was gone.
Maci was going through the motions. She smiled at everyone but her mind wasn’t there. She would like to say she was distracted because she was concerned about defense it because she was thinking about the Ristos’ newest attempt to take over Maci’s job but neither of those was the truth. The truth was, she was sitting in between Jackson and Griffin. Both were honorable men. Both loved her. And she wasn’t sure what to do about either.

She pretended to listen to the normal baptism speech, smiling when Blu was dunked. Something felt off. She could feel tension from both sides of her.

Finally, they were going to announce the godparents. Maci sat up straighter and smiled as Blu’s parents told the story of their rescue. She stood up when her name was called and went to go stand beside Blu. His mother seemed nervous as she continued.

“And now, this is the difficult part. My husband and I put much thought into the godfather. We owe many of you our lives, both literally and metaphorically.” She looked at Blu’s father and smiled. “But it is with great pleasure to announce Blu’s godfather. Griffin Talon.”

Griffin stood up while everyone clapped. Maci smiled a neutral smile. She looked at Jackson and immediately noticed his rage. He was clenching his jaw and seething with amger. Maci tried to catch his eye, only she and Jackson’s sister could calm him down, but he was glaring at Griffin.

Suddenly, a loud crash and screams echoed and Maci threw herself to the ground. Chaos ensued as people called out the names of the I loved ones, as they lay on the ground dying.

“A bomb.” Maci whispered. “Ristos…”

Another boom, this time from the opposite side. More injured. Maci didn’t know what to do. Those who could still stand all rushed for the door except for Griffin, Maci, and Blu’s parents. Jackson was nowhere to be seen.

The first person to reach the doors threw then open and was blasted aside. Another bomb, this time attached to the door. The door flew across the room and into Blu’s parents. A door that heavy, moving that quickly… they didn’t survive the blow. The same fate fell on everyone else in the room. The only survivors were Griffin, Maci, and Blu.

And just like that, everything was over. Silence fell.

Maci tried to catch her breath as Griffin cried out in pain. When he jumped away from the flying door, he shattered his shin. But Maci wasn’t concerned with that. She noticed movement to her right. She breathed a sigh of relief when Jackson emerged from under someone until she realized who that someone was. Jackson used his little sister as a shield from the debris. Maci covered her mouth before a cry could escape.

Not noticing Maci, Jackson purposefully strode towards Griffin while pulling out his gun. He grabbed Griffin by the hair and lifted him onto his knees. Maci could only imagine how painful it was to be on his knees but Griffin just clenched his jaw and glared at Jackson.

Jackson leaned down and spoke in a restrained voice. “I tried to live with you Griffin. But I am tired of living in your shadow.” Jackson stood up. “I am tired of you stealing everything I love.” He placed his gun against Griffin’s forehead. “Goodbye.” And with a final pop, Griffin slumped to the ground.

Maci couldn’t breathe. Jackson slowly turned and walked towards a broken window. “Jackson.” Maci choked out.

He turned, not realizing she had survived. He paused for a long moment. With a pained expression, he breathed, “Diatekte,/ Risto language for “I’m sorry.” Then he slowly turned and ran away.

Maci, still shocked, crawled towards Griffin’s body. Shaking, she reached out to touch him one last time. Holding his hand, she screamed as loud as she could muster. Her friend, gone in a matter of seconds.

Then she heard a cry.


Maci jumped up to check on the baby and found him in perfect condition. Her tears turned to happy years as she wrapped him up.

“It’s just you and me now sweetheart…” Maci turned towards the doors, opposite to Jackson’s departure. Stepping over all her loyal citizens, Maci held her head high, cradled Blu in her arms, and walked off into the dawn.


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