Fanfic from FANDOM cast member Ty Muhammad

Ty cosplaying as Barnacle Boy

Ty cosplaying as Barnacle Boy

Ty Muhammad plays Citizen 42 in Fandom, and last worked with Rising Youth Theatre on the Light Rail Plays. Here she takes fan fiction to the next level – writing fanfic base on the story created in Fandom. After reading it’s hard to imagine NOT ‘shipping The Chancellor and The Doctor (and we think the actors would agree!)


Dusty blonde hair blowing through the breeze, a man staggers through the corrupt land. He totters past remains of buildings, rugged boulders, and heaps and heaps of dust, dirt, and any other variations of sand one could think of. The man thinks to himself, “Didn’t I pass this place already…?” And as he brought his head up slowly against the wind, he finds out he had been going in circles, the sand and wind blowing over his past footprints. He lets out a loud noise of frustration before dust floats on the breeze and into his mouth. The blonde man starts to choke and gag as he put his hand up to his eyes to scope out the dreary land. His eyes grow wide, well, as wide as they could against the perilous winds, as he spots a cave. He tightened his scarf around his neck and trudged on, his new destination the cave.

As soon as he reached it, he peeled the scarf from around his neck and he looked around. Without making a sound, he listened, his ears straining to pick up the slightest sound. He lets out a heavy sigh of relief as he hears nothing, presuming he was alone. He wanders farther into the cave, his eyes quickly adjusting, before he concluded that the reason his eyes where adjusted so easily was because there was a light illuminating from the center of the cave. Before picking up an ironically placed sharp rock, he walked lightly toward the source of the light.

Once he arrived, he peered into a large cavern that had several lanterns. Once his eyes where finished surveying the large room, he darted from the entrance toward a jutting stalagmite, creating his hiding spot. He counted slowly to ten before he hesitantly peeked his head ever so slightly above one of the tips of the rock. His eyes grew wide as he spotted a dark cloaked figure, shuffling into the cavern, presumably from another passage. He watched this figure closely as it went to another stalagmite, slipping behind it. When the figure reappeared, its hood had fallen to show it was a women. He gripped the rock tighter between his hand as he continued to watch. Her movements where quick and surefooted as she shrugged off her jet black cloak to show tattered and torn clothes. She held an old CD music player between her hands before she set it on the ground. With confusion, the man continued to intently watch. Before he knew what was happening the music had started up, hip hop from what he could understand of the words, the woman had gotten on her knees and starts to prop up one leg, and then another. The man didn’t see what she was dong next for he had let out a stifled laugh. He quickly covered his mouth, dropping the rock, as he tried to hold in the controllable laughter. Then he flinched as a voice reached his ears, soft at first, but gradually growing louder. “..-tor…-doctor…Doctor.”

The Doctor opens his eyes to a young girls face, her brown eyes wide and her black curly hair untamed. “Doctor? Doctor!” She was calling out to him. He quickly sat up and she tumbled from her perch atop his chest. She sat up from upon the floor and looked up at him, “You’re finally awake? You fell asleep while I was talking to you!” She shouted at him, pouting. Doctor chuckled softly, “Sorry. Sorry, 42. It’s just your theories and whatnot get boring at times…” He muttered, rubbing sleep, and the last remains of his reoccurring dream, from his eyes and mind. 42 looks up at him, hurt in her eyes, “Boring? You think I’m boring? Your one to tal-…” She lets out a soft sigh, “That dream again. Right?” He looked down at her and nodded solemnly.

He had been dreaming of this women since he first picked up 42, but he never really saw her face clearly. He got up and reached over to his tea cup and kettle on the table to the right of him. 42 shrugged off his comment on her theories being boring and she began to plunge into another one, something about her GriffinxMaci fantasies. He took a sip from the scalding tea, welcoming the burning sensation that soon followed. He was fully awake instantly and dug into the couch he had been resting on. 42’s voice never wavers but she starts to watch him with interest.

Before long, the doctor produces an iPhone from deep within the recesses of the couch. 42 instantly stops talking about Griffin and asks, “Hey, whats that?” Trying to look at the new device.
“This, is a mobile device. And with it, you can go anywhere in the galaxy!” He waves his free hand around the phone as if it was magic.
“But…thats what the Turdis does.” She answers sarcastically.
The Doctor looks at her and tosses the phone at her. He then puts his hand on her head, using her to help push himself up as he quickly gives a brief explanation on how to use the phone. Before long, the Turdis had grown silent, 42’s incessant chatter dieing as she taps away on the phone.

Grateful for the pause, the Doctor walks toward the Turdis’s control panel, chuckling softly to himself about how quickly 42 had taken to the device. He should have given it to her in the first place. His cup stops short of his lips as he realizes the next destination that he was taken 42 to. He was to take her home. A sharp pang shoots through him as he glances back at the young girl, her eyes glued to the screen. He turns around quickly, his teeth bared, and his grip tight as his free hand grips the lever to accept the next destination. As he pulls the lever with hesitation and strife, he mentally tells himself it’s for the good of Phoenix 3.0, it’s for the good of 42, it for the good of..

Of who? Who else? A name lingered in the back of his mind, but the Doctor lost it as soon as it arrived. He licks the inside of his mouth before gulping down the rest of the tea and setting it on top of the control panel. He lets out a heavy sigh before turning towards 42 and clapping is hands together. “Alright, girly! Get your stuff ready! We’re going to our next stop!” He said as cheerfully as he could, choking out the word ‘next’ instead of ‘last’. It was too painful for him.

When they arrive back to 42’s world, they go through their usual antics. Once they stepped into the arena that 42 was to meet her community however, Doctor couldn’t help but feel a throb in his heart every time he glanced at 42’s ‘Chancellor’. The next moments, he went through a haze as he saw a zombie named Jumbledore, helped convince 42 she had powers, and watched her destroy this Jumbledore within no more than 5 minutes.

Now, in the present time, or so he thinks is the present time for him because this wibbly wobbly timey wimey business confuses even him sometimes, the Doctor was now staring at who he was sure was the literal women of his dreams. The Chancellor was on the ground, trying to find her strength back as he just stood there, staring at her. In his mind, he sees himself reaching down toward her, his hand extend as he tries to help her up, her eyes locking with his as they share a moment in time. But in reality, he his rushing back to the Turdis, his job done.

Without a glance over his shoulder, a second look, or even a goodbye, the heartbroken Doctor closes the Turdis door behind him, his new found friendship and possibly a lover, closing behind the door also. He smiles weakly, the Chancellor glancing up and over toward the Turdis, their eyes meeting for a split second before the door has closed as he mutters to console himself, but will never know she heard, “I’m never going to truly leave you.”


Citizen 42 and The Doctor

Citizen 42 and The Doctor

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