Light Rail Diaries: Meet Za’Nea

Meet Za’Nea,  youth artist in View From the Tracks: The Light Rail Plays, paired with Liliana, adult artist

My name is Za’Nea Jackson. I am 11 years old, and I want to be an Animal Cop. I go to Desert Star Elementary School. My dreams for the future are to go to college, get my masters degree, and make it to the medical field to become what I want to be. I am doing this project because this is a unique opportunity. I’m looking forward to doing this project because my partner is so much fun and, of course, it’s a new experience. The weirdest thing I’ve seen was actually not on the light rail it was at a platform. I saw a cylinder shaped flower that was orange. Something that helped me brainstorm was investigating other people. I’ve learned that a lot of people us the light rail to go places such as to eat or just go home from work. I hope I get to be in all of rising youth theater’s performances.

Za'Nea and Liliana

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