Light Rail Plays: Meet Julie

Meet Julie,  adult artist in View From the Tracks: The Light Rail Plays, paired with Bridget, youth artist


Julie and BridgetMy name is Julie Rada and I just graduated with my MFA in Performance from ASU. It was an honor to be asked to work on The Light Rail Plays. I have so much respect for the work of Rising Youth, and their general philosophy of honoring the creativity and dignity of all people. I jumped on this chance to work with young and the not-as-young artists. I am really excited by Phoenix these days. The downtown scene is so scrappy, colorful, and smart. To get to do a performance on a light rail in the middle of it is a rare opportunity!

I have missed a lot of rehearsals due to other commitments so this process has been a bit wonky for me. I actually still don’t know everyone’s names because it’s like we are a bunch of micro-theatre companies building little pieces to share in this fantastic, festival-like performance. It’s like each performance will be a surprise. Fortunately, the rehearsals I have attended have been really fun. For example, we did a scavenger hunt on the light rail in which I visited places I have driven past and yet never registered: the “Phoenix Renews” garden at Central and Indian School or the Irish Cultural Center. One of my favorite moments during that rehearsal on the light rail was getting a book recommendation from a chef at Breadfruit. That’s one of my favorite restaurants and I felt like I had met a celebrity.

I am also lucky to be working with another artist, Bridget, who is full of ideas. She has totally had my back. When I came back from missing some rehearsals, she had been working hard developing a concept. She developed so many great ideas and poems and writings and notes that we couldn’t even use all of them. Maybe she should write a blog post sharing one of her writings. We already typed it up… 🙂

I am really curious to see what unfolds. The design teams, the stage management team, and the other performers are working up some awesome ideas and the inclusion of everyone’s voice is going to make the work really strong. I can tell right now. I don’t know if I have ever missed so many rehearsals in my 25+ years of doing theatre. One thing I have learned is that when you’re not in the room, you’re really missing out. Still, I am glad I’m on board nonetheless. I can’t wait to see how the public and our audiences react to the work. I think it’s going to be a wild ride!

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