Light Rail Plays 2.0

Light Rail Plays 2.0
February 2015

Rising Youth Theatre presented the second incarnation of View from the Tracks: The Light Rail Plays on the Valley Metro Rail system. Originally funded by the Arizona Commission for the Arts’s Art Tank granting program, The Light Rail Plays returned to the Valley Metro with all new theatre pieces. Eight short plays performed on the trains and at the stations from Roosevelt/Central Ave. to Central Ave./Camelback, and explored the idea of “how Phoenix moves from place to place.”

The site-specific project pairs young people and adults together, one-on-one to create the performance pieces, which utilize a wide variety of style, thematic content, and structure, including live music, stilt-walking, dance, puppetry and more.

Eight adult performers: Julia Cannon, Ian Christiansen, Crystal Cruz, Osiris Cuen, Liliana Gomez, Anthony Kelley, Teresa Minarsich and Elisa Radcliffe are paired with eight youth perfomers: Paula Alvarado, Ryan Bernardino, Ben Collison, Maeve Etheridge Woodson, Lyric Jackson, Brinley Nacisse, Melissa Oomens, and Juan Rodriguez to develop the plays. The tour guides include musicians Korbi Adams and Aaron Diaz who will underscore the performance with live music, as well as actors Kate Haas and Ben Hardin.

RYT worked in close partnership with Valley Metro to develop the project for a second year. Both organizations were eager to see what new and exciting dynamics are created in the second year of performance. According to co-Artistic Director Sarah Sullivan, “this project is truly a public art experience. You can plan to attend, by reserving your spot on a tour, and showing up at the right time and place. Or you can be on the light rail and suddenly find yourself experiencing theatre. One of the things we loved best about last year’s plays was engaging people who don’t usually see theatre as audience members. With the added elements this year, we think we will achieve that goal with even greater success.”

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