View from the Tracks: The Light Rail Plays

View from the Tracks: The Light Rail Plays
June 2014

Curated by Sarah Sullivan and Xanthia Walker

Eight short plays performed on the trains and at the stations from Roosevelt/Central Ave. to Central Ave./Camelback, exploring the idea of “how Phoenix moves from place to place.” The site-specific project pairs young people and adults together, one-on-one to create the performance pieces, which utilize a wide variety of style, thematic content, and structure.

Eight adult performers: Liliana Gomez, Cody Goulder, Anthony Kelley, Kim Manning, Elizabeth Polen, Julie Rada, Tomas Stanton, and Charlie Steak are paired with eight youth perfomers: Clare Emmert, Monica Essig-Aberg, Za’Nea Jackson, Bridget Marlowe, Xavier Ramirez, Stephanie Santa Cruz, Alex Tuchi, and Colt Watkiss to develop the plays. Professional designers Samantha Bostwick, Anastasia Schneider and Joey Trahan work alongside youth designers Victoria Arora, Maria Ramirez and James Tanner to create the aesthetic of the plays in an alternative performance environment. Even the stage management follows the youth/adult pairing model, with stage manager Rachel Solis working alongside youth stage manager Lyric Jackson.

Rising Youth Theatre received funding for this project from the Arizona Commission on the Arts as part of the Art Tank funding program. The project received $10,000 (the highest level of funding) at the Art Tank West event.

RYT has worked in close partnership with Valley Metro to develop the project, and looks forward to exploring what theatre on light rail can look like in Phoenix.


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