Renegade City Fan Fiction

You can’t talk about fandom without talking about fan fiction. The fictional fandom, RENEGADE CITY at the heart of #FandomPlay might not actually exist, but it has inspired it’s own share of fan fiction. Here’s some from our cast!

First, the synopsis, so you know what you’re paying attention to…

Renegade City is a series of 10 graphic novels set in a gritty post-apocalyptic future overrun by “cybots” and zombies. Many of the few remaining humans were enslaved by the cybots in a place they refer to as The Facility.

Some of these humans managed to escape and form an underground community, where they are struggling to establish a functioning city government.

The main character of the series is Maci Knedrick who is the city Manager as well as a badass zombie hunter. She is torn between two love interests: Griffin Talon the “boy next door “captain of the guard” and Jackson Wolfe, the badboy smuggler with questionable ethics.

Renegade City Fans call themselves “Citizens” and cosplay as ragtag apocalyptic survivors. Shippers are divided between Maci-Griff, Maci-Jack, and of course, Griffy-Jack.

Alec Pursell

Alec Pursell Cosplay

Alec Pursell is a cast member of Fandom, playing multiple roles, including Jumbledore. He is a fan of many, many things, including Firefly, The Office, Doctor Who, and more.

“A Place Of Traitors”

Jackson Wolfe, no one that I have met has been more complicated than him. I have always been kinda attracted to him.  But I am now married to Griffin, the sweetest guy on earth. Since I was made Blue’s God Mother at her baptism Jackson has been acting very strange. One day he came into my room acting really nervous. He sat down next to me and opened his mouth slightly.

“I need to uh….. Tell you something.”

This was nothing new every single week Jackson had to tell me something. But this seemed different.

“What?” I asked very nervously.

He gave me a pitiful look. Like one a puppy would give to you if it had done something bad.

“There is something about me that you should know. Well let me just show you.”

He lifts his hand to his face and starts peeling parts of it off. At first I thought he was going to show me a wound he had gotten, but I was very wrong. I started to see metal at the corner of his face. He soon gets the face of a cybot. I don’t know what is happening. I feel that he is going to attack me so I start running for my life. I eventually run into Griffin. I am so out of breath that I can’t even tell him what is going on.

I then see that Jackson is behind him. I scream and Griffin turns around. Jackson takes Griffin by the neck and throws him across the room. He dives toward me and my adrenaline starts to rush and tackles me. He then throws me into the ceiling and I fall to the ground.

I was in so much pain after that. He starts to head toward me, but I slowly grabbed a gizmapod out of my pocket. I throw it at him with all of my might and it explodes in mid air. All of the parts fly everywhere and hit me in the face. It was very dark for a while.

I woke up in the apothecary five days later, never been able to trust anyone again.


Jade (center) Renegade City Cosplay

Jade Miller is a cast member of Fandom, playing multiple roles, including Poe, Jamie, and Jaxon4Eva. She is a huge music fan.

“Renegade City Fanfic”

Maci lifted her head from the solid surface under her and raised into a sitting position. She look around, confused. The only living objects she saw were dead trees that were decaying from the icy air. She looked down at a bed of mud and leaves that she was laying on.

“Where am I?” She mumbled. Out of nowhere Jackson strolled into her line of vision, he was holding a handful of berries and logs. He crouched down next to a pile of dead branches and started rubbing two sticks together. The spark ignited a flame and he  put fresh logs into the fire.

“So you are finally awake?” He laughed.

“Where am I?” Maci shivered from the ice in the air.

“You don’t remember, do you?” Maci shook her head no.

“Wow, you must have been hit pretty hard then,” He touched her forehead where she had a purple and green bruise the size of a fist. She leaned in for a kiss but she could sense that Jackson was pulling away. There was an awkward pause that followed her failed attempt at romance, she decided to continue the conversation.

“What happened?” Maci wondered out loud.

“Well we were escaping from the lower city but we were caught by a couple of cybots. We fought all of them off but one, and that one was about to hit me- I’m sorry Maci I didn’t even know you were behind me- and I ducked out of the way… And that’s how we got here. I carried you away because you were unconscious,” Maci touched her forehead trying to recollect her thoughts, but she flinched because of her bruise.

“I’m sorry,” The two embraced each other in a tight hug.

“Thanks for the improvised bed,” Maci said into Jackson’s shoulder, since he was at least 4 inches taller than her. Jackson whispered into her ear,

“I made it big enough for two people.” They ended their embrace and looked deep into each others’ eyes. They silently agreed and laid down on the bed of yellow, soggy leaves and sticky mud. They laid in silence. In the silence Jackson slipped his hand into Maci’s and they interlocked their fingers. They laid there and closed their eyes and felt closer to one another then ever before. A noise from far away startled them, and before they could process what was happening a body rolled down the hill above them and rolled on top of Maci, and accidentally knocked Jackson off of the bed of nature. Jackson stood up furious and ready to fight. Maci had closed her eyes from all of the excitement, but when she opened them again she met eyes with Griffin Talon, the boy she thought she would never see again.

“Griffin?!” Maci whispered into the little air between them. Jackson turned around looking ready to punch.

“Maci! I’ve been looking for you in these woods forever!” Griffin said while not taking his eyes off of Maci.

“I-I…I thought you were captured. I thought I would never see you again,” Maci’s eyes welled up with tears. She turned her head so Griffin wouldn’t see the pain in her eyes.

” I was captured. The cybots-” Jackson interrupted their exchange, and blurted out,

” Can you two have this conversation while you aren’t looking like you’re about to make out?!” Griffin reluctantly rolled off Maci and sat beside her. Maci sat up and positioned herself so she was sitting with distance between them and she covered her face with her bangs. Griffin continued,

“So the cybots didn’t really pay attention to me, and I had been missing you so much that I decided to escape and look for you. The cybots finally paid attention to me, so I had to fight them off. Then while in the woods I had to fight of the horde of zombies I found. That’s why I look so…not cleaned up..”

“You didn’t have to come find me, I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself.” Maci stood up. Griffin pointed to her bruise and then motion to Jackson. Jackson chimed in,

” Okay, bro, so here is the thing, you left Maci all alone and broken hearted-”

” I got captured!” Griffin rebutted.

” I don’t care what you did, the point is that you left her and I filled the hole in her heart. So you should leave. You obviously aren’t needed here,” Jackson pointed in the direction that he wanted Griffin to leave.

“Maci,” Griffin wanted her to add to the conversation. Maci looked at Griffin and then at Jackson; she grabbed Jackson’s arm and pulled him off to the side.

“You know how you said that you filled the hole in my heart?” Jackson nodded.

“Well I was thinking and then I starting wondering if I fill the hole in your heart, because to me it doesn’t really seem like it..” Jackson considered his answer, he did really like Maci but he didn’t want to ruin his mysterious image.

“….Yes, you do fill that hole.” He opened his mouth to reveal a shy smile. Maci walked-stumbled- back to Griffin, she tripped over a tree root and fell into his arms, actually. She immediately stood back onto her feet.

” Griffin, I will always have love for you, but I just don’t feel comfortable being with you again, at least not at this moment.” Griffin tried to fight back but he had no words in his mind. Maci started walking onward with Jackson, but was stopped by a question from Griffin.

” So you’re just going to walk away with him and leave me for the zombies??” They started walking again and Jackson hollered to the air in front of him.

” You’re a big boy, you can do it! But I still have bigger muscles to protect Maci with.” And they begin to jog their way thought the forest.


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