Programs in Schools

Rising Youth Theatre Works with Schools to Create Arts Programs for Social-Emotional Development


Rising Youth Theatre’s residency programming is a process-based extension of the company’s mission to center youth leadership, expertise, and stories in relevant performance experiences. In residency work, young people collaborate with teaching artists, facilitators, and youth apprentice artists to leverage creative assets to grow in personal, interpersonal, community, and systemic health skills. Through this work, young people are positioned as leaders in their own lives and in their communities as the drivers of their own personal and interpersonal growth, as well as their civic participation and leadership.  

Currently we are in partnership with schools, community spaces, and social service organizations. Current partners: Genesis Academy, Vista College Prep,Create Academy, Glenview College Prep, Phoenix Art Museum, The Harmony Project, The Idea Museum and Benedictine University.

  • What do we do? 
    • School residencies - Rising Youth Theatre will work with your school to develop a high impact youth leadership focused arts program. Current partnerships range from kindergarten through college. 
    • Process-based partnership collaborations - Rising Youth Theatre works in a wide range of community programs that serve youth. We will work with your organization to develop a meaningful program that serves the needs of of your community.  
    • Consulting - Interested in deepening youth engagement at your organization? Want to strengthen and reevaluate the power sharing that goes on in your community spaces?  Work with Rising Youth Theatre to implement strategies and best practices for horizontal leadership. 
    • Workshops, Panel, Training - Rising Youth Theatre has conducted a wide range of training programs, and is available for speaking engagements and professional development with youth and adults of all ages.  
    • Kids’ Table - The Kids’ Table is a program that positions young people into positions of leadership, guiding conversations with adults about issues that matter to them. 

How can you hire us or partner with us on a school residency?


Rising Youth Theatre youth and adult facilitators are available for Demand to Learn focused speaking engagements, performances dialogues, panels, workshops, and trainings. Get in touch with us to begin a conversation: