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Support Rising Youth Theatre with your Tax Dollars!

We are proud to share that Rising Youth Theatre was recently approved as a qualified charitable organization for the Qualifying Charitable Tax Credit (formerly the “Working Poor Tax Credit”) 

With this status, you can replace your state taxes with a gift directly to Rising Youth Theatre! If you pay taxes in Arizona, you can redirect your tax dollars directly to Rising Youth, receiving your full donation (up to $400 for single filers or $800 for married filers) back as a dollar for dollar tax credit.  

You can make a tax credit donation to Rising Youth Theatre through the Qualifying Charitable Tax Credit in addition to any tax credits you receive from contributions to Public or Private Schools and Qualifying Foster Care Organizations.

We are a small organization and your gift makes an immediate and transformative difference in our programs and work in the community. It allows us to pay our artists, including youth artists, provide meaningful programming both in and out of schools, and create a space for young people to be leaders.


Individual? Donate up to $400!


Couple Filing Jointly? Donate up to $800!

Make your gift now

Donations of up to $400 for individuals and $800 for couples will come back to you directly on your taxes!

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